Run a Kid to Camp Marathon '07

Even in the freezing cold, the fat kids club members seem to glow... hungry and cold, two things fat kids generally don't like. (Well, at least together anyway)

Lydia and Lynn at mile 12, and Howard hitching a ride... oh, wait- no, he's actually part of the support team.

Go, go, go! Run that Child to Arapahoe!

Although it appears that Zachary was really excited for his mom to achieve her goal of running the full marathon, he really was looking at all of the krispy kreme donuts on the other side of the finish line. (haha, just kidding)

A Day in the Life of Bella.

"I think I can, I think I can." Training her early to be an athletics counselor, because God knows you have to be "one with the tether balls" in order to do so.

At least she's friendly... and at least Amanda doesn't mind.

Haha, now that's just funny.

This is Bella's first snow. She is saying, "Umm, guys? Its cold out here. Why are you making me do this? Stupid humans."