Hottest Day of the Year

So, most people go water skiiing, swimming, or play in the sprinkler on the hottest day of the year but not the governor and me. We get dressed up and head out to the hottest place on earth, the beach-- not for some light basking mind you, but to take pictures. We hope you enjoy our mid-july photo shoot!!! -pk

Catchin' Up to Speed!

Okay, so Paul and I are alive... we've definitely just been in our black hole for the summer at camp. Since mid-April we have been at camp doing Track Out camps and then right into our Summer program. Needless to say, we have been very busy (and important haha), but also having a fabulous summer. I am not going to attempt to go through all we have done this summer, but I will post some pictures from the summer given to me courtesy of some friends for uploading purposes. The summer pictures for the most part seem to be a tribute to the Head Counselors (I was one of four) as this was our second year together in these positions...which is very rare for the HC position. So we basically loved ourselves and tried to document everything we did together. Sorry if you get tired of seeing the same four girls-- but oh well. And yes, we are decked out in 80s gear- as we had 80zEnuff come and play for one of our dance nights. Also, Alison, Frisch, Macon and I were the "Party Patrol" this summer as our skit alter-egos- Muffy, Buffy, Cindi and Mindi... so by the end of the summer we were very comfortable in our 80s rags. Other pictures are from the ski show, Head Counselor retreat, banquet, candlelight...and then after camp at mi casa. Enjoy!