One from the Vault...

This blog is dedicated to old pictures of both Paul and me. I got these all ready to go for wedding events. So, I thought I would put some of them on the site for fun. Some of these are moderately embarrassing...

Early Family shot...

One of my favorites. A man and his dog.

Homecoming party at my house... check out Jane's crown. :)

On the waterway by Papa and Kakie's house... across the water where the water-tower stands, is where the Carolina Yacht Club is located. The place where Paul and I got married.

Lake Waccamaw with my brothers and sister circa 1987.

Rainy day activities in Staff House One... Summer 2004.

Tempe and me.

Everyone has their awkward stage, right?

Summer at the Lake... Dad and me.

I was a no-talent guitar player, and Rhett was a Shakira singing Red- hot Chili Pepper. This skit earned us a Golden Mermaid.

"Tastes like Big Red" in Oriental. Also, pretty sure Kristen's eye had been dilated that day.

Thanksgiving... annual Christmas card shot.

Crabby Dad's for Karaoke. Working extended season Fall 2003.

Baby Victoria doll. Apparently, I really liked her.

Every picture tells a story...

Although it looks like baby Victoria, this is actually me with baby sister Tempe at the Lake house.

Fernandina Beach, FL. Shredding some waves.

My favorite snow mobile. I think this was the snowstorm during which Tempe was born. Cousins Tucker and Pier, brother John and me.

Tan and blonde... always a good look.

Paul and his first true love, his Great Dane Miles.

Not sure how they got him to sit still for this one.

Despite appearances, this was not his pet.

Been a little devil for a long time now.

The three amigos. Adam, Paul, Chris.

Cousins Nelson and Ginger.

Senior Play at EHS... Show stoppers.

Elkin Three Amigos... Paul, Bo'Shears, Will.

At the time of this picture there was only one Eye Doctor in Elkin.

Hasn't changed one bit.

Sea Gull early 1990s.

"I can't put my arms down." Elkin when it still snowed in NC.

Four single men in Aruba. You do the math.

I love a man in a three-piece suit.