Kayaking with the Girls

A couple of weekends ago, the weather was beautiful and relatively warm, so a bunch of my friends from New Bern (and Amanda from Raleigh) decided to take advantage of our free weekend to go kayaking. We departed from Beaufort and paddled for a solid 4 hours with a break for snacks and pictures. The day was fun and challenging all at the same time and I hope we will be able to do it again soon! Some of the pics are out of order, but you'll get the idea.

Boats before departure.

Group pow-wow about our route.

Our kayaking guide April.

Me and my boat.

After Snack, we posed for a few pictures. I had to sprint up the dune for that one...

Meredith, our very own Karate Kid.

Leaving from our break... meaning we were AGAINST the wind this time.

Posing for a good shot.

Our token "funny" picture.

Taking a break.

First weekend in the New House!

Pictures of the house on our first weekend moving in.

New Year's Resolutions!?

For the New Year, we went to Brooks and Lee's house in Beaufort where we caught up with old friends and shared quite a few drinks and laughs. We were stationed out of the big house for food and drink, but it also served as the baby house... so for the loud celebrating we went to the small house. The weather was gorgeous and proved to be a wonderful start to a great 2008.

Happy New Year! 12:01 am 1/1/08 in the small house in Beaufort. (Coach and I are taking pictures)

Happy New Year to us! We were pulling the champagne straight from the bottle... how classy.

PK giving Bear's travel Martin a whirl.

Clay Jackson was in town with his family, so he came over for the evening. We had him stop by and tune-up our washer and dryer. No, just kidding- Maytag machines don't break.

We were so excited about the party!

Brooks and Charlie on our New Year's eve sail.

Our fearless Captain, Leonard Franklin Sutton... consequently, also our trumpeter at the wedding.

William and Ashley Silverman.

Ashley and Lee on our late night/early morning boat cruise.

Not going to tell the whole story, but lets just say that Lee and Coach ended up in Atlantic Ocean unintentionally. Luckily, David managed to stay on the boat and was able to pick up the guys. Warm showers followed this picture.

The Holidays and Winter at the Hog

So the Holidays were great as always... busy and needed. We of course did the state tour of NC... New Bern to Elkin, Elkin to Charlotte and back, Elkin to Wilmington, Wilmington to Louisburg, and Louisburg to New Bern. We had fun visiting with the family and seeing our friends. We had such a great time that we didn't want it to end. Also, before the Holidays, we struck out to Hog Island for another trip- but this time the agenda was for the scouting and hunting of ducks. David and PK got up really early to go do their thing, and Sarah and I slept in and piddled around the Lodge and island. It was great being there without any bugs, and it was mostly very decent weather as we were on the leeward side of the island, but across the sound was a different story.

Bella posing in front of the Christmas tree. Soon after, she received a treat and her Christmas sweater.

Scrooge looks a lot like Brother Cobb... hmmm. Hahaha. We were literally frightened at the sight of him in the living room.

Typical family scene after dinner.

The Cobbs.

Bella's Christmas sweater, a hand-me-down from Cindy.

Greeting PK after a day of Hunting on the Hog.

Mama and baby horse that live on the Island.

Bella was trying to help David dock the boat.

It was FREEZING on the Cedar Island side of the sound. Sarah braving the elements.

Coach was our captain... I am so thankful he can drive a boat as if it was a car, because the current was ridiculous and the space was quite small.