The Seafarer-Sea Gull ITT Bus in all its Christmas glory, was a prominent part of the parade in Oriental, NC for their "Spirit of Christmas" celebration. And yes, that IS Santa, and in Oriental he comes on boat! After the parade we went back to a bonfire and some spiked Apple Cider, as it was THE coldest weekend we have had this winter. Check out our host Kristen...she was having a large time.

So, Coach and Barry decided that they didn't want Santa to miss them this year, so they spent hours cutting an arrow out of a piece of plywood, and stapling white and red chrismtas lights to it. They then proceeded to attach the arrow to the front of the chimney. It was hysterical and believe me, it can be seen from distances far away! Their mission was not in vain, as they both received a visit from Santa.

For Thanksgiving, Coach and I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law in Brea, California. Brea is just outside of L.A. in Orange County. On Thanksgiving Day we went and had lunch in Laguna Beach. We had a great time, as John and Cristina were very good hosts. In the last photo we actually have flaming margaritas, which are very hard to see... but they were very good. We can't wait to go back!

Elizabeth Peek and Ryan Seeger tie the knot! These pictures are from the after rehearsal party. Peek and Seeger bust a move, while Howard Longino and Seth Smith entertain. Paul and I had a few drinks at the point of our picture and Kristen and I were clearly the CUTEST girls in the room. Hahaha. The wedding was great. Unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures as Kristen and I were busy being bridesmaids...but it was a blast. Coach also had an integral part in the wedding, as he was the ITT Bus driver from the wedding to the reception. Fun was had by all. Too much fun was also had by a few of my friends, and a couple got lost in the hotel hallways on the way back, but we all made it home safe and sound and in one piece!

Weekend with the Peace College Girls at Wrightsville Beach! It was one of the last warm weekends this past Fall, and so we took advantage of it. We stayed at Allison's house, took a cruise on her boat, and then went and had some sundowners at the Yacht Club...Coach was so jealous. Riley, Molly, Rebekah, Allison, Lindsey, Cathryn, and I had a blast and a great time catching up.

Ben Harper came to Raleigh, and despite the rain, we went to listen to some tunes. It was so much fun, especially when Ben Harper came out ONTO the crowd during the end of the show. PK and I went with fanatics Kristen Bentzen and Andrew Plyler...good times.

So, this was the "last hoorah" for Elizabeth Peek on her Bachelorette night. We started out the evening calmly, but ended up taking a trip to City Limits Saloon on Halloween weekend dressed in matching Argyle sweaters. Needless to say, we had a great time. Kristen Bentzen, Meredith Stewart, Amanda Niles and I all joined in on the fun evening.

This was Lindsey's going away party. She left to spend 8 months in Malaga, Spain.

Aren't they cute? Soon after this, Will and Allison were engaged to be married!

Pier and Abbie's Wedding at the Biltmore, September 06'. The Williamson's and Cobb's after the was like getting an act of congress to organize this picture.

John Allen, Mom, Dad, and I took a break from the dancing to pose for a lovely picture. Awww. The wedding reception was great. The Williamson's know how to throw down.

Coach, Dad, and Alex chillin in the courtyard at the reception. Sweet pants and socks, Dad.

Highlights from the summer. Obviously there were many more, but that would take WAY too long. So just a few of me and Catharine McNally as the Land team, then Athletics Alumni Day, and then me testing out my sea legs on the pier with Callie and Macon. Can you imagine a better way to spend a summer?

Summer dancing at Tempe's debutante function... clearly we were the best dancers there.

Dad is wearing a clown wig which is eternally on the inside anyway but at my cousin Pier's engagement party, it surfaced. What a great man. Hahaha.

New Arrival

Okay, so here is our new little puppy. Her name is Bella and she is real cute. We have had her for about two weeks now and she is getting bigger everyday. These are pictures from when we first brought her home. Everything was very new and overwhelming for the little Weimaraner, but she is truly growing into her puppy persona these days... great. This is giving me a whole new perspective on parenthood. Jeez.

A Blogger's first Blog

Well, well. Its time for me to create some kind of window into my life for updates. Coach and I have found that we are not able to keep in contact as well as we once did, thus I am creating a site that may record some of the things happening with us.
This past year has been one of many exciting events, changes, challenges, and growth. Starting with Alaska, my graduation last December, traveling in Southern Africa again for 3 months, spending quality time with PK, weddings, Camp Seafarer, becoming a teacher, more weddings, getting a puppy, and even more weddings... we have been busy! The reality of my life has become RESPONSIBILITY-- and its scary. Haha. Guess we gotta grow up sometime, and I guess that time is now. So, this site is an attempt to steer away from the responsibility and highlight the fun and adventure... I hope all of you enjoy the site and view at free will. Check out some of the pictures to give you an idea of what has been happening.