A Blogger's first Blog

Well, well. Its time for me to create some kind of window into my life for updates. Coach and I have found that we are not able to keep in contact as well as we once did, thus I am creating a site that may record some of the things happening with us.
This past year has been one of many exciting events, changes, challenges, and growth. Starting with Alaska, my graduation last December, traveling in Southern Africa again for 3 months, spending quality time with PK, weddings, Camp Seafarer, becoming a teacher, more weddings, getting a puppy, and even more weddings... we have been busy! The reality of my life has become RESPONSIBILITY-- and its scary. Haha. Guess we gotta grow up sometime, and I guess that time is now. So, this site is an attempt to steer away from the responsibility and highlight the fun and adventure... I hope all of you enjoy the site and view at free will. Check out some of the pictures to give you an idea of what has been happening.

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