Easter on the Beach

For Easter we went to Wrightsville Beach to hang out with Debbie and Brother. They were gracious to host Coach and me, as well as the other siblings. Missing from the group were John and Cristina, as they were hosting Mom and Dad in California.
It was a cold weekend, yet the weather was still beautiful. On Sunday we went to the sunrise service on the beach and watched a school of dolphins pass by with the bright red sky as their backdrop. It was absolutely amazing and peaceful, which justified the early wake-up call. Lunch, and a visit to my grandparents made the weekend complete.
Bella also enjoyed her weekend, as she got to spend it with Aunt Susanna and cousin Lucy. She got a very special easter bone and was excited to welcome us home. Bella also wants us to mention that she is very excited to meet new friends at our puppy training classes that start in a week! She knows that it will be a needed refresher on her manners in public! Anyway, we all had a wonderful Easter and look forward to a beautiful spring season. Check out the pictures for a glimpse of our Easter experiences.

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