Parents Weekend in the Mountains

This weekend, my parents made the trek from Louisburg to see Elkin first hand and to stay at the Kennedy's. We relaxed, talked wedding, and toured the town. It was a great time and we are both fortunate to have such great families!

As usual, the weekend involved food and drink... in large amounts.

Dad and Bella were exhausted by the day in Elkin, and all of the good football on tv.

PK and Ma Brown.

All smiles after a good meal.


Chrystal Russell said...

Terrell...we have resorted to communicating via pitiful. I'm so happy for you and Coach on ya'lls engagement. I'm coming to the NC the weekend before Christmas, any chance that you will be in Raleigh? Give me a call, send me a text, make smoke signals, or send the pony express. I miss you friend...tell the fam that I said hello. Love you...Churstul

Allison said...

okay so i need an update on the blog about your new house...i need pics....i mean come on trell...i know you don't have anything better to do than to update your blog everyday :)
haha love you