Fall Fun...

What is great about New Bern, is our extended time to enjoy the sun. We had a great time this fall on the Crystal Coast. We made sure to take it easy and not let the wedding overshadow our fun. There are pictures from Labor Day and a friend's 70s themed 30th birthday party.

Nice Hair PK...

A great labor day weekend.

Listening to Paul... good times.

David, John, Coach, and Seth at Seth's 30th Birthday Party.

It was a 70s Theme, hence the hair and short dresses.

Great picture... check out the next to see the shorts on this guy.

Nice. Get your groove on, Kristen.

An unfortunate series of events led to this picture.

We were shocked this turned out to be a pretty good picture.

The open shirt is hot. Should have lived in the 70s.

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