So, Coach and I have been hiding under a rock for a while. We have been working Track Camps and Spring Break Day Camps- which consequently means we have been staying at our "river house" at Seafarer. Well, its at least nice to pretend we have lots of money. Before our rock hiding, we managed to squeeze in a weekend trip to Ocracoke. It was the first nice weekend and our last chance to get away before the craziness of Spring and Summer. We had a great time walking around the village, the beaches, and of course visited Howard's Pub for a few beverages. Here are a few pictures. We managed to get a few in, but the camera stayed behind for the most part.

Being himself.

Ocracoke Village.

Our digs. Thanks to April for the rocket box. We liked hers so much, we now own one...

Family time.

Resting up for some fun on the beach.

Throw the ball. Throw the ball. Throw the ball. PLEASE throw the ball. Please.

Get our good side.

On the ferry. We let Bella hang out in the middle for the two hour trip...she was very excited.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics..especially Paul being Paul too funny. Sounds like you all are gearing up for the summer good luck.

Critter said...

Did you guys get a new car? I am so out of the loop. Are you getting one last hurahh in before staff start showing up on Sunday?