Springing Forward to Summer

It is the last day of our Spring, as Camp starts today with a 3pm meeting. So, I thought I should post our recent happenings and go ahead and apologize about the possible blogger disappearance that may happen as of 3pm today. The spring has been very busy. Coach has been running spring camps since March and we have been trying to keep a normal social schedule in the mix. Here is an overview of our Spring... (in reverse order)

Jason Jernigan's Bachelor Weekend in Old Fort, NC...
Coach got a few pictures.

Tempe's Graduation from State. The last Williamson child through college...monumental day for my parents. 4 in, 4 out.

2nd Annual Kentucky Derby Party at the Sutton Farm...

Bella doing her thing...

MerleFest 2009.

friend of Adam's on left... probably the best guitar player we have ever heard.

Also, this Spring we took a quick trip to see our friends Laura and Konstantin up in the DC area... Coach had to pick up a boat for camp so we made it a weekend. When I get pictures from Laura, I will post them.


David Wiley said...

Hey Paul. This is David, your old UNCW roommate. Congratuations to the both of you on your marriage. I like the pictures. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terrell- this is your blog. Why do you neglect me? I'm so lonely.....


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