The Hog!

A couple of weekends ago, we went with Sarah and David Madison (the newlyweds) to Hog Island. This is a private island that was donated to camp, and actually used to be an entire village in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It also served as a hunting lodge well into the 20th century. But now, the lodge and island, belong to Camp Sea Gull and Seafarer-- so we run programs and trips out to the Hog during the summer. We just wanted to go for a weekend to hang out and to see if the rumors of it being haunted are true. We had a blast...David cooked the best Shrimp and Grits I have EVER had, and then we listened to music and played cards all night. Consequently, that same night Kentucky beat Louisville (which a hardcore KY fan friend of mine wanted to make sure was included since it is so important). Happy now, Mac? Anyway, we didn't see any ghosts but we were awakened in the middle of the night by the island's wild horses causing a ruckus outside our windows. Its such an amazing place.

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