P is for Party!

Over Labor Day we traveled up to Elkin for an engagement party for Will and Laurel, and although I did not take many pictures, these are a couple that I thought were fun. Anyway it was a great time. The following weekend was Elizabeth Seeger's 30th birthday party. Coach was facilitating a weekend at camp and so Kristen Bentzen and I went for a fun girls night.

Adam and Cindy Beshears-- two of my favorites. And no, Adam is not missing any teeth, he has a piece of candy in his mouth.

Coach and I were watching the ping-pong games and posed for a picture. At the B-day party, we were trying to go back a few years in the time machine. Unfortunately, we tried the experiment without a sufficient power source--so next time we are certain it will work. Elizabeth and Ryan are smiling about the popularity of their time machine. Haha-- it was a great night.

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