Wake-up! Spring is HERE.

So, besides the fact that we have been enjoying the glimpses of warm weather we have been getting, and that our allergies have been going crazy... there is little to report in the world of PK and me. Well, that also might have a little to do with the fact that my camera has finally fallen to its death. I thought I had lost it once, yet was able to revive it, but now I think it is time for it to retire. What this means, is that I will be relying upon friends and family for pictures until I can bite the bullet and buy another camera.
In February and March, we have attended the Winter Pong tournament, gone to see the Saw Doctors...some of my favorites from Ireland, hosted some more of my favorites Adam and Cindy, my parents, and Tucker Thorpe hailing from our former city of Raleigh.
We have indeed enjoyed our warm weather and Spring fever, as we have mowed the grass and trimmed trees for the first time, watched our Azaleas bloom, and purchased ferns and a New Bern flag for the front porch! The season is really giving us new energy for homeownership, an energy that only a cold winter can mask and a warm, blooming spring can unveil.
Thanks for checking in, and I hope that we will have some pictures to share soon...and maybe in the meantime I will update the page with a few old pictures. Hmmm...

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