Home Sweet Home

Last month, some of my family members and friends threw a "Home Sweet Home" Shower for me in Louisburg. It was great fun, and really just wonderful to be with so many of my friends and relatives in one place. Great food, great drinks and a few little games here and there added to the excitement of the day. It was such a treat, and I am very fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life.

Tempe thought I needed a hair piece.

Laura got the prize for traveling the furthest... South Africa is a long way from NC! Okay, well she actually came from D.C. but originally Africa. This was actually the first time we had seen each other in two years. I guess I ought to thank the SA government for that one! :)

Yeh, I am not really sure what this is... looks like a scene out of a dance recital or A Chorus Line. Always great to have your Seafarer friends with you for moments like this.

That was GREAT cake. I clearly was enjoying it.

What a colorful group! Some of my favorite ladies.

My cute relatives.

What? This isn't a hat? Nope. Its a sweet cooler instead.

Mom and Dad came through with a great present... its a painting of the Carolina Yacht Club. Not only a place full of many great memories, but also where Paul and I will get married.

Don't ask.

Me and Dale in her pretty blue dress.

Mom made a lovely bride. Who knew toilet paper could make such a trendy head piece! haha.

What do all of these girls have in common? Africa. Good answer. Well, other things too. But the first thing that comes to mind is Africa.

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