A Past President in New Bern!

Okay, so for the first time in about a decade, the NC Primary actually mattered for the Democratic Primary! Therefore, we were graced by the presence of many politicians, one of which was Bill Clinton. He came to "rural country" where his wife's campaign was hitting hard for the primary, and spoke to a crowded house at New Bern High School. Many might not think this is a big deal, but for little New Bern and more importantly, never-noticed Eastern North Carolina, it was a huge deal. Some friends and I made sure to be available for this event. We were very close to the Past President, and David even shook his hand. (We weren't tall enough). It was a bunch of fun, and Clinton was well versed and eloquent as always.

Doing his thing.

Waiting in line to see the Past President.

All Smiles... an unfortunate angle, but all smiles. We were so close!

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