Bald Head Island!

PK and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Bald Head Island for the week after our wedding. We stayed at a friend's house and enjoyed re-hashing all of the events of what seemed to be a big whirlwind of a wedding. What a needed break it was... Paul had never been, so we had so much fun exploring all parts of the island by golf cart, checking out each beach, visiting Old Baldy, and of course, relaxing.

This is my favorite picture from the week. Completely sums up the Bald Head experience.

This was the beach access ten yards from our house. These rescue stations are at each access.

We'd been on the beach for quite some time at this point.

We brought the Kayak out on this day.

Sunset silhouette.

House shot.

Our fun newlyweds cooler.

Waiting for me to put down the camera so he could throw me the frisbee...

Apparently, I couldn't see the flashing light on the camera to tell me when to smile.

Old Baldy. North Carolina's oldest lighthouse. Commissioned by Thomas Jefferson. Was replaced by the stronger Oak Island light. So many cool things about the history of this light.

At the top of Old Baldy. That is the BHI marina and then marshland behind me. Great kayaking there... but we were in the offseason- so not as easy to do unless you have your own boats.

Paul on his way up to the top.

After we cooked dinner, we went out exploring.

We felt good in this picture. This was the night of our first full day on BHI. We slept in, relaxed, went to the club, cooked dinner and then went exploring. At this point, Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy had arrived!

The view from the top of the house. The upstairs opened so you could look down into the living room and out from the house and see the ocean. We loved it!

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