Wedding Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Here are some pictures from the Friday Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner. All of these pictures are from my friend Meredith Stewart. She was our unofficial photographer. Hope you enjoy, cause we sure did!

Okay, so this is actually from the Bachelorette Weekend, but I thought it was a great shot for everyone to see. This is the group, minus a few girls, from the weekend.

Mother of the Groom in her spot.

Paul and his dad getting the command from Captain Lloyd.

Making sure we get it right...

The wedding directors making sure everything looks okay.

The Kennedys... where is Paul?


Tempe. The maid of honor.

Me, Dad, and Paul.

Dancing our unofficial father/daughter dance to Big Daddy Love.

Me and the unofficial photographer, Meredith.

Where is my Bloody Mary?

Mother of the Bride and my pretty friends. :)

Apparently, something is not amusing.

Getting a touch-up from the Matron of Honor, Cristina.

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