Our Wedding!

Finally, I am posting some of the great pictures from the wedding. Logan Wallace was our photographer, and these are all of her photos. She was such a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job. I am starting with some pictures from the day of the wedding and the actual ceremony. The reception is below. For those of you who made it, thank you. And for those that didn't, I hope you feel a part of the fun through these snapshots.

Carolina Yacht Club, Wrightsville Beach.

Because of the gusty wind and sporadic rain, we decided to move the ceremony inside... it turned out to be gorgeous.

We weren't phased by the change of plans, and enjoyed the wedding day brunch.

Paul arriving just after I left...

My brothers doing some last minute decorating... That is Jenkins on the ladder and John supervising.

The dining area.

Kristen is sleeping off Friday night.

The hair.

Their hair.

I told my sister to play bartender while everyone arrived.

Allison arrived from Colorado a few hours before this shot. I was happy to see her!

So, are you sure you don't mind if I wear your shoes? Adam and Will looking good in pink ties.

A few words of advice.

Get this party started.

The men.

Coach's family.

Bucking Elks.

Getting a few words in before the ceremony.

Jane is cracking me up in this picture. Only head, no body.

An essential part of the process. Having a Bloody Mary much to my mother's chagrin. I wasn't going to be defeated by the white dress, or my mother for that matter... haha.

Logan was asking me to look all over the place, even down.

I put this one in here just for Tempe.

Lloyd leading us all in prayer before the service.

Walking to the aisle. This was the unofficial aisle.

The lucky ones who were sitting... this shot does not show the groundlings.

The ballroom was pretty dark, and Logan politely accepted the "no flash" rule.

What just happened?

Oh, wait! We just got married!! Let's clap for that.

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